Copy parts express offers commercial copy machines for lease or sale in Miami.
If you want the best copier rental experience in Miami, then, Copy parts Express is your best choice.

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Copy Parts Express

Copy Parts Express is specialized in copy machine leasing and sales. We provide the market with the best prices on copier machines and their supplies. We offer the best brands such as Ricoh copier machines. We carry used, refurbished and new copiers, as well as generic and original parts and supplies.

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Why Copy Parts Express

  • Affiliated with Copy Parts International
  • Copy Parts Intl. is a copier, parts and supplies wholesaler, giving them access to export pricing
  • We offer monthly or sort term copier rentals


  • Our technicians show up on time and leave the worksite as it was found
  • Our Fully stocked vans are equipped with the most frequently used supplies.

About your Copier Repair

  • The day you schedule your repair, you will receive a phone call to confirm the date and time.
  • Depending on your problem and location you may qualify for a FREE service estimate
  • If for any reason the technician is not expected to meet the scheduled time window, you will receive a phone call to notify you of the delay.

Our Guarantee

  • If within 30 days from the date of your repair, your machine fails to operate for reasons related to the original service, we will replace any parts that failed due to defects in parts or workmanship. Any maintenance or repair related to the original service call will be performed free of charge.


The Differences of Buying or Leasing Your Offices Copier Machine
A copier machine is important to have when you operate an office. Office owners usually have a tough decision to make, buy, or lease their copier. Buying a copy machine can set back an office between $1,500 and $50,000. But leasing the copy machine might set back an office $12,000 over five years. Which option is best for your office?

Cost of Leasing a Copy Machine

The cost of the lease will depend on various factors. These factors will be the leaser’s credit history, the length of the lease, and the type of copier chosen for the lease. For copier machine rental in Miami, you can expect to pay between $10,500 and $12,500 for a $10,000 copier. Factors include the leasing cost. It is always more money to lease than buy.


Many leasing companies allow the leaser to buy the equipment at the end of the lease. They sometimes offer you an option to pay a little more every month. When you do, at the time your lease is finished, you have the option of buying the equipment for $1. That is, you will not need to pay fair market value for the equipmen


  • There are lower upfront costs. When you lease a machine, you will be required to make a downpayment at the very least. But most of the time, this is not necessary.
  • The monthly payments will be fixed-expense. It will be easier to control your copier budget when you know how much you need to pay every month.
  • There is an option to upgrade. At the end of the lease, you can opt to upgrade the copier with one that has newer technology.


  • There are higher long-term costs. If you lease a copier that costs around $5,000, you will pay more for that copier throughout a five-year lease. You might pay as much as $7,000 for it.
  • There are strict terms for a lease. Even if your needs change and you no longer use the copier, you will be required to pay the cost of the lease. You also will need to follow the leasing companies maintenance schedule. That can get expensive.


Copy Parts Express offers a wide variety of good quality, used, refurbished and new machines. Our machines are available for sale and rent. Financing is also an option.